Cycle Electric Inc

Dgv-2569 12 Volt And Dgv-2578 6 Volt Generator

Installation Instructions

Cycle Electric Inc. manufacturers the DGV-2569 model 65A 12 volt and DGV-2578 model 61 6-volt generators to Harley-Davidson specifications for restoration purposes.


The Importance Of Proper Regulation

The model 65A is rated at 10 amps and the model 61 at 15 amps. They are both capable of producing 20-30 amps. The reason they are designed to be able to put out 300 percent of rated output is for a better low speed out put. If you draw 20 amps out of a 10-amp generator it will over heat and burn up. That is why it is very important to have a properly working current limiting regulator to restrict amperage draw on the generator to (10 amps on the 65A, 15 amps on the 61model). Improper regulation may cause generator damage not covered under warranty.

The Cycle Electric DGV-2569 generator is covered by a 1-year warranty on workmanship and material defect.

For a full 2-year guarantee use the Cycle Electric Inc. DGV-5000 generator with built in regulator



Improper gear fitting will cause shaft damage not covered warranty!

The gear should be a press fit on the armature shaft. If you can slide your gear all the way on and off by hand, it is too loose.

The inside bore of the large end of the gear should be no larger then .5190. The generator shaft should be .5191 to .5199. This makes a light to moderate press fit.

There are a lot of oversized after market gears that fit loose on the shaft. A loose gear will slide and rock back and forth on the shaft. The gear is harder than the shaft. A loose gear will

Wear out the generator armature shaft. Use original stock gear whenever possible.



1) Install gear.

A) Install oil deflector on shaft. HD # 31035-58

B) Slide gear on shaft with large end toward bearing. The gear is a press fit but should slide on just far enough to start engagement of splines. Check that splines on gear are lined up with splines on shaft. Install appropriate washer on top of gear depending on model of motor. Install 5/16 24-lock nuts on shaft. Hold gear with pliers and tighten nut. This will draw the gear down against the oil deflector. Tighten nut until oil deflector will not spin without gear spinning also.

2) Install chrome end cover if used.

A)    Use a suitable stand to support the generator with shaft end sticking down.

B)     Remove the two -24 nuts from frame screws.

C)     Install end cover mounting bracket and reinstall -24 nuts.

D)    Install chrome cover.

3) Check length of mounting bolts. Insert a mounting bolt in engine case and measure from the gasket surface to end of threads. The threads should stick out between 7/16 and from gasket surface.

3) Install new gasket and install generator on motor.