Installation instructions

CE-203 CE-204 CE-320


Remove Old Regulator


1) Disconnect battery negative terminal.


2) Disconnect regulator DC wire from

1970-earlier 84 battery positive terminals or main breaker battery term.

Late 84-up Acc. Side of main breaker (except 84-86 dressers-regulator connects to a terminal stud on the steering head).


Note: if you tie a piece of fishing line to the ring terminal of old regulator wire before pulling wire out. You can use this cord to pull the new wire in place.


3) Take note of how old wire is routed. Cut wire ties and remove wire.


4) Unplug from stator


4) Unbolt regulator and remove.


Install New Regulator


1) If using the same wire routing as old regulator compares output wire lengths and cut new regulator wire to length. Apply ring terminal using proper crimping tool.


Note: Improper crimp on solder-less connectors can cause charging system problems that will leave you on the side of the road. If you do not have a crimping tool, borrow or buy one. Do not use pliers or vice grips.


2) Mount new regulator. Be sure regulator has a good ground connection from the case of regulator to the frame of motorcycle.


3) Route DC+ output wire to main circuit breaker or fuse. On models with circuit breakers, connect wire to silver post of main breaker. If using a fuse connect regulator on opposite side from the battery.





Note: It is our opinion everything connected to a battery should run through a fuse or circuit breaker except the starter motor if you have one.


4) Connect AC plug to stator, on rubber mount models keep wires away from front motor mount. It moves and can damage wires.


5) Check the routing of all wires to be sure they are not in a vulnerable position. Keep wires away from exhaust pipes and moving parts. Be sure wires are not in the very bottom of lower frame or they will get pinched if you bottom out.

Replace all wire ties previously cut and add new ones where necessary.


6) Reconnect battery and start motor. Test battery voltage. All L model regulators should run between 13.7~14.1 Standard models should run 14.2 to 14.6 depending on what model you have.



Have A Good Ride!!



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