Installation Instructions



The CE-445-02 regulator is designed for use on 2002-2005 FLH-FLT with 38 or 48 amp alternators.


Remove Old Regulator

1) Disconnect negative battery terminal

2) Unplug regulator/stator connectors.

3) Disconnect regulator B+ wire from the main circuit breaker located under the seat.

4) Disconnect regulator GND. Wire from the ¼’ ground stud located under the seat.

Take note of the wire routing and cut the necessary wire ties and remove wires.

      Note: if you tie a piece of fishing line to the ring terminal of old regulator wire before pulling wire out. You can use this cord to pull the new wire in place.


5) Unbolt regulator and remove.

Install New Regulator           

1) Mount new regulator. Reuse stock ¼’ nuts to fasten regulator to frame.


2) Route wire labeled “Silver post main breaker” to the main circuit breaker under the seat and connect to the silver post.


3) Route wire labeled GND. and connect it to the ¼” ground stud on the frame under the seat.     


2) Connect stator/regulator plug mounted on the regulator. Insert plug until locking tab locks.


4) Check the routing of all wires to be sure they are not in a vulnerable position. Keep wires away from exhaust pipes and moving parts. Be sure wires are not in the very bottom of lower frame or they will get pinched if you bottom out.

            Replace all wire ties previously cut and add new ones where necessary.



5) Reconnect battery and start motor. Test battery voltage. Standard models should run 14.2 to 14.6 depending on what model you have.






Have A Good Ride!!


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