CE-500 Installation Instructions

The CE-500, CE-500L and CE-500S are replacement regulators for the DGV-5000, DGV-5000L and DGV-5000S generators with built in regulator. The generator portion of each model is the same. The regulators are interchangeable and determine which model generator you have.

Note: If you are putting a regulator on a stander model 65a generator use a CE-540


 CE-500 is the standard model used for most applications. Always used on electric start.


 CE-500L is a lower voltage model specially tuned for smaller 12-volt batteries used in horseshoe oil tank.


CE-500S has terminals that come out on the opposite side for use with S&S engine cases.





1.      Remove generator from motorcycle and place on suitable stand so shaft end is pointing down and regulator end is pointing up.

2.      Remove brush strap

3.      Remove two ¼” nuts from frame screws on regulator end using a deep thin wall 7/16” socket.

4.      Use a soft mallet to tap in an upward motion on regulator to loosen it. When loose slowly lift regulator off frame screw. Carefully flip regulator upside down and hold in hand. Use a 3/8” nut driver or socket to disconnect white and black wires from stud terminals. Keep track of the nuts and lock washers.



  1. Hold regulator in hand with fins facing down. Connect white wire on regulator to the single terminal closest to the frame screw. This terminal will have a field coil wire connected to it. Route wire between frame screw and commutater. Install a # 10 lock washer than a 10-32 nut on stud. Hold wires in between frame screw and commutater and tighten nut with 7/16” nut driver or socket.
  2. Connect black wire from regulator to terminal on positive brush holder closest to field terminal. Insert #10 lock washer and 10-32 nut and tighten. Route wire between commutater and frame screw
  3. Use index finger to hook wires around the outside of frame screw while flipping regulator over and on to the frame screws. This should put the wires in the right place. If the wires are too high they may get pinched between the frame screw and regulator. If the wires are too low they may get pinched between the regulator housing and brush plate.
  4. Alien slot in regulator with roll pin generator housing. Rotate regulator in a counter clockwise direction to take out slack. Tap lightly with soft mallet to set regulator firmly on brush plate.
  5. Install two ¼”-28 locknuts. Use a thin Phillips head screwdriver to line up nuts on bolts. Use a thin wall deep well 7/16”socket and tighten nuts evenly.
  6. Install brush strap. Align pinch point at 7:00.  


Have A Good Ride!!


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