CE-540 End Bell Regulator Instructions


Model Applications

CE-540 12-volt regulator will fit any model 65A. If used with battery it must be 7 amps or higher.

CE-540-L Same as the CE-540 but tuned for the 5.5 amp battery in 6-volt oil tank.

CE-546 6-volt regulator will fit on model 61. 2 brush, 6-volt generator.




For XL Models no modifications are needed.

For FL models fitted with CE-540 Series:

When installing a CE-540 series on an older generator (pre 1992 or after market) the fins will be at a 15-degree angle. This will not affect performance. If you want the fins level with the motor replace drive end plate (CEI # CG-8101) which have 2 sets of mounting holes 15 degrees apart to allow level installation.



1.     Remove generator from bike. Stand upright in suitable stand with gear down.

  1. Remove brush strap from generator.
  2. Remove (2) 28 locknuts from tie bolts.
  3. Remove end bell. Note: This is a good time to check the brushes. Be sure positive lead wire (from A terminal to brush plate) does not touch armature.
  4. Install new regulator by lining up the slot on the regulator to the roll pin on generator housing. Using a soft mallet lightly tap regulator to seat alternating from side to side evenly and straight. The regulator must be firmly seated on the brush plate.
  5. Install 28 locknuts on frame screws. Use a thin Phillips head screwdriver to line nuts on bolts. Use a thin wall deep well 7/16 socket to tighten nuts. Torque evenly.
  6. Connect brown wire to A terminal on generator. Connect green wire to F terminal on generator.
  7. Install generator on bike.
  8. Connect B terminal on regulator to battery positive terminal with 14-gage wire. We suggest using a fuse between the battery and regulator connection.
  9. To ensure proper regulation momentarily connect (flash) B&A terminals with jumper wire.