Installation Instructions


The CE-6011 is a three phase 38 amp stater used in kits to upgrade1970 and later shovel and Evo models.

The appropriate rotor and regulator must be used.


These are generalized instructions and are not intended to be all-inclusive. For more detail on your model see service manual.

Stator Removal

1) Disconnect negative battery terminal.


2) Drain primary case oil on wet clutch models.


3) Remove outer primary cover.

6) Consult appropriate service manual and remove compensator sprocket.

Note: After several thousand miles it may be possible to remove the compensator sprocket and chain adjustor shoe without removing the clutch. Caution: Do not put excessive side force on chain.


7) Remove output shaft extension. Take note of all shims and spaces between output shaft extension and rotor.

8) Unplug regulator from stator. If removing a stator with a plastic plug housing, remove the lock tab than use a small probe to unlatch the retaining clip and pull the wires out.


9) Remove 4 stator mounting screws. Remove 2 stator plug clamp screws. Remove stators.

Stator Installations

1) Install stator wire and wire clamp in case. Use lock-tight 222 purple on clamp screws.

Note: some motors such, as S&S do not use a plug clamp. Instead they use a setscrew in the case. We recommend using nylon set screw. Do not over tighten.


2) Mount stator to engine case with new mounting screws (supplied). Screws have thread-locking compound already applied. Torque screws to 30-40 in-lbs.

3) Install stator wires into plug housing. Insert wire in hole #1 #2 and #3. it dose not matter which wire goise in which hole. Push in until terminal snaps in. after all three wires are fully inserted install the orange locking clip.


Rotor installation
1) Install rotor on output shaft.


2) Install any variable thickness shims removed during disassembly


3) Install compensator sprocket with chain adjuster shoe, and clutch if removed.


4) Adjust primary chain.


5) Check primary chain alignment.


6) Install outer primary and other parts removed.

Note: Dont forget to add oil on wet clutch models.


5) Connect stator to regulator plug.


6) Reconnect battery and start motor. Test battery voltage. All L model regulators should run between 13.7~14.1 Standard models should run 14.2 to 14.6 depending on what model you have.


Have A Good Ride!!