Installation Instructions



The CE-602-08 regulator is designed for use on 2008 and later Dyna models.


Remove Old Regulator

1) Remove the two- 20 cap head screws that hold the regulator on.



3) Lift the regulator out and tilt it forward to access the wire connections.

3) Remove the locking clips and disconnect the stator and battery plugs.


Install New Regulator



1) Remove the retaining clips from the stator and battery connectors on the new regulator. Save them for reassembly.


2) Connect the stator and battery plugs.


3) Install one plug-retaining clip on each plug.


4) Bolt the regulator in place using the stock cap head screws.


6) Start the motor and check battery voltage. Battery voltage should run 14.4 to 14.6 volts.


Have A Good Ride!!


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REV. 3-10