Installation Instructions



The CE-608 regulator is designed for use on 2009-2013 FLH-FLT with the stock oil cooler.

Remove Old Regulator


1) Remove the oil cooler cover. Remove the two Button head TORX screws located below the oil cooler. This will allow the oil cooler to shift out of the way allowing access to the regulator mounting bolts. Leave the oil lines connected.


2) Remove the two- 20 nuts that hold the regulator on.


3) Remove the wire clamps and save for reassembly.


4) Lift the regulator off the mounting studs and tilt it forward to access the wire connections.

5) Remove the locking clips and disconnect the stator and battery plugs.

Install New Regulator


1) Reattach the oil cooler with the two button head torx bolts removed in step 1 above. Leave the cover off.


2) Remove the 4 long ID black tubes from the hard ware package that came with the new regulator. This will be used to straighten the bend in the right side oil line where it went over the old regulator. This will give clearance for the oil line to go under the new regulator. This is the oil line that connects to the front port on the oil filter plate. Use two fingers to open the slit in the tube then slip it over the oil line on the section that runs left to right. This will straighten the downward bend in the oil line. Secure the tube with two zip ties supplied about one inch from each end.



3) Remove the retaining clips from the stator and battery connectors on the new regulator. Save them for reassembly.


4) The new regulator will attach to the back side of the cross bracket located about half way down the front frame tubes. Position the regulator so the -20 mounting holes line up behind the holes in the cross bracket. Using the -20x allen head cap screws supplied, install a flat washer then a rubber washer on each bolt. Install one bolt in each hole and tighten.


5) Connect the stator and battery plugs.


6) Install one plug-retaining clip on each plug.


7) Start the motor and check battery voltage. Battery voltage should run 14.4 to 14.6 volts.


Have A Good Ride!!

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