Installation Instructions


The CE-8999 will fit 1984-98 Big Twins and may fit 70-83 models if proper rotor spacing can be achieved.

 When installing on 1988-erlyer models use the CE-8120 shim kit (not included) to achieve proper rotor shimming. 1970-1984 shovels inner primary may not have clearance.


These are generalized instructions and are not intended to be all-inclusive. For more detail on your model see service manual.

Stator Removal

1) Disconnect negative battery terminal.


2) Drain primary case oil on wet clutch models.


3) Remove outer primary cover.


4) Consult appropriate service manual and remove compensator sprocket.

            Note: After several thousand miles it may be possible to remove the compensator sprocket and chain adjustor shoe without removing the clutch. Caution: Do not put excessive side force on chain.


5) Remove output shaft extension. Take note of all shims and spaces between output shaft extension and rotor.


6) Remove rotor and all spacers under rotor.

Note:  It may be necessary to remove the inner primary on earlier models.


7) Unplug regulator from stator


8) Remove 4 stator mounting screws. Remove 2 stator plug clamp screws. Remove stators.

Stator Installation

1) Install stator plug and plug clamp in case. Use lock-tight 222 purple on clamp screws.


2) Mount stator to engine case with new mounting screws (supplied). Screws have thread-locking compound already applied. Torque screws to 30-40 in-lbs.


Rotor installation for all 1989-later

1- Install small diameter .095” shim  on output shaft before rotor.


2- Install rotor on output shaft.


3- 1989-1990. Place large 2.81” O.D. x .219” thick


1991-1998 FLT and FXR use a .249” shim  on output shaft after rotor.


1991-later Softail and Dyna models. No spacer washers are used on out side of rotor.


Rotor installation for all 1988-earlyer

            Using the CE-8120 shim kit

 When installing a 32-amp stator on 1988 and earlier models it is necessary to reshim the rotor to compensate for the thicker stator. Using the CYCLE ELECTRIC INC CE-8120 shim kit will provide proper shimming on all 1988-erlyer models


Shimming without CE-8120 shim kit

 use variable thickness shims under rotor to achieve clearance between rotor and stator. .060” should be enough. When putting extra shims under the rotor, the same amount must be removed from between rotor and output shaft extension to maintain primary chain alignment. On ridged mount motor models, there may not be enough room between rotor and primary case to use 32A stator

4- All models-add necessary variable thickness shims to achieve proper primary chain alignment.


5- Install inner primary if removed.

6- Install compensator sprocket with chain adjuster shoe, and clutch if removed.

7- Adjust primary chain.

8- Check primary chain alignment.

9- Install outer primary and other parts removed.

            Note: Don’t forget to add oil on wet clutch models.

Have A Good Ride!!