These instructions cover:

DGV-5000 for 1936-1984 12-volt systems with 7 amps or larger battery. (See note 1)

DGV-5000-L for 1936-1964 12-volt systems with small 12 volt battery in 6-volt oil tank. (6-volt conversion) (See notes 2 &3) The L model can be used with any battery.

DGV-5006 FOR 1936-1964 6-volt systems. (See notes 2&3)


1)When replacing 65B generator (1982-83 Hitachi) add HD part # 31035-58 oil deflector under

the gear. Use the same gear

2) For 1936 to 1957 models when replacing 3 brush generator use #31035-58 oil deflector and the stock gear. Discard the old deflector and spring. If you ordered the H option use the stock -24 mounting bolts. If using 5/16-24 bolts Enlarge the mounting holes in the timing cover to .332(letter Q). Drill from inside out. For more info See installing a two brush generator on 1957 & and earlier motors in the technical section on our web site

3) Check for clearance on foot clutch models. Overall length is 7.58 inches from the gasket surface to fins.


1) Disconnect battery negative terminal.

2) Install oil deflector (HD# 31035-58 used on 2 brush generators from 1958-1981) gear, washer and lock nut on generator shaft.

3) Check the length of the mounting bolts. Insert a mounting bolt in the engine case. Measure from the gasket surface to the end of the bolt. The threads should stick out between 7/16 and 1/2 from the gasket surface.

4) Install a new gasket on the generator. Install the generator on motorcycle so fins the are level with motor. DO NOT MOUNT UPSIDE DOWN. Check to see that the lettering on fins is right side up and the terminals face back and up. Install the mounting bolts. Do not over tighten! If the fins do not line up you have used the wrong set of mounting holes. There are two sets 15 degrees apart. (Having the fins level with the motor is for looks. It is all right to have them at a 15degree angle).


The DGV-5000 Series have two terminals marked B and L.
The B terminal is regulated power and can be connected directly to your battery or headlight switch (use 14 gage wire). If a battery is used we recommend a 20-amp fuse or breaker between battery and generator. The L terminal is for your generator light. If you do not have a generator light do not use this terminal. Connect the wire from your generator light that used to connect to the A terminal. If wiring from scratch you must use a two wire insulated socket. One wire gets power from the battery after the ignition switch. Usually the same place the oil light gets its power. The other wire connects to the L terminal on the generator. The light grounds through this terminal.