Instructions for Installing a two brush generator on a 1957 and earlier Harley Davidson


Cycle Electric Inc. makes generators to fit Indian Chiefs
4 models are available in 6 and 12 volt with and without built in regulator.They fit in the stock mounting clamp and use the stock pulley. These generators offer better out put than the stock indian generator and come with a two year guarantee.



The DGV-5000 is a complete charging system for generator bikes. It features simplified wiring, higher output, longer service life and a two-year guarantee. If it is ever needed Cycle Electric Inc. offers repair service. This is the last generator you will have to buy for your bike.
The DGV-5000 is an excellent choice for any generator bike. The standard model will keep electric start bikes starting crisp.
Cycle Electric Inc. offers 3 options to simplify insulation and optimize function ability when upgrading from 6 to 12 volts
The “L” or low voltage model comes with a low voltage regulator specially tuned for a small 12-volt battery. This is especially important when using a small battery in a horseshoe oil tank. The low volt was designed for use when converting from a 6-volt system to a 12-volt system
The “H” option comes with ¼-24 heli coils installed in the mounting holes. This allows the use of the original ¼-24 mounting bolts used on 1957 and earlier motors.
The “M” option assures cradle clearance when installing on 1957 and earlier motors.
Add the option letter on the end of the part # when ordering. For example DGV-5000LH. All “L” models automatically get the “M” option.
Available in 6 and 12 volt .

Cycle Electric Inc. manufacturers the model 65A 12 volt and model 61 6-volt generators to Harley-Davidson specifications for restoration purposes.

The model 65A is rated at 10 amps and the model 61 at 15 amps. They are both capable of producing 20-30 amps. For this reson it is very important to have a properly working current limiting regulator to restrict amperage draw on the generator to (10 amps on the 65A, 15 amps on the 61model). Improper regulation may cause generator damage not covered under warranty.

The Cycle Electric Inc. DGV-2569 generator is covered by a 1-year warranty on workmanship and material defect.

For a full 2-year guarantee use the Cycle Electric Inc. DGV-5000 generator with built in regulator

1. When replacing 65B Generator (1982-84 Hitachi) add H-D #31035-58 oil deflector. Use same gear.
2. 1936-1957 When replacing 3 brush generators use #31035-58 oil deflector, discard spring and old deflector. See page 9 for mounting instructions.
3. Check for clearance on foot clutch models. Over all length of DGV-5000 is 7.58 inches from gasket surface to fins.
L=lower voltage M=machined outside diameter H=1/4-24 heli coil (add letter to end of part # to match description.


( Model 65A )
Cycle Electric # Description/Application
DGV-2569 Stock O.E.M.1965-1981 Model 65A 12 volt generator .
Will fit 1936 to 1984 (see note 1 & 2)
DGV-2578 Stock O.E.M.1958-1964 Model 61 6 volt generator .
Will fit 1936 to 1964 (see note 2)
DGV-5000 12 volt high output charging system. Use on all 1965-1984 generator models. (see note 1)
DGV-5000L 12 volt charging system. Use on (1936-1964 see notes 2 &3) 6 volt conversion when using small 12 volt battery in 6 volt oil tank, kick only.
DGV-5006 6 volt charging system use on 1936-1964 (see notes 2&3)
CE-571 Connector use with DGV-5000 on 1978-81 Sportster to retain stock wiring.
CE-572 Connector use with DGV-5000 on 1982-84 Sportster to retain stock wiring.
Generators For Indians
IN-2569 12 volt Generator for Indian Chief
IN-2578 6 volt Generator for Indian Chief
IN-5000 12 volt Generator with built-in Regulator for Indian Chief
IN-5006 6 volt Generator with built-in Regulator for Indian Chief