Installation instructions

The CE-69S is a 38 amp three phase charging kit designed to fit 1991 to 2003 Sportster.


These are generalized instructions and are not intended to be all-inclusive. For more detail see a service manual on your model.

Alternator Removal

1)      Remove seat battery and battery box.

2)     Remove exhaust system.

3)     Unplug and remove old regulator.

4) Cut wire ties and removes stator wire from between timing cover and engine case. Note: if you tie a piece of fishing line to the wire before pulling it out You can use this cord to pull the new wire in place.

5) Consult appropriate service manual and remove primary cover, Clutch and motor sprocket/rotor.

6) Remove 4 stator bolts.

7) Remove wire retainer.

8)Remove stator.

Alternator Installation

1)      Install stator. Rout stator wire the same as stock. Be shore the throw hole grommet is properly seated. Install wire retainer. Use Blue locktight on retainer screws. Be shore not to pinch stator wires. Install 4 Stator mounting screws. Use new Allen screws supplied.

2)      Install new rotor with clutch and primary chain.

3)      Install primary cover, clutch cable, foot peg and shifter lever.

Regulator installation

1)      Mount regulator adapter bracket to stock regulator mount with stock bolts. Be shore arrow is pointing up.

2)     Bolt the regulator to bracket with two 1 20 Allen bolts supplied.

3)     Rout DC wires over the right frame tube past the oil pump then over the frame diagonally to the left rear corner, over the right rear frame tube behind the engine case and up behind the battery box.

Mounting auxiliary circuit breaker

Hold the breaker-mounting bracket in the upper left corner of the battery box. Check to make sure their will be clearance for the breaker when the battery box is reinstalled. Make a mark though the center hole in the bracket. Drill a 3/16 holes and Mount breaker bracket to battery box with the pop rivet supplied.

Reinstall battery box. - Insert new 50A breaker in breaker bracket.

Connect small end of 13 wire to copper color terminal on circuit breaker. Connect large end to battery positive terminal.

Connect yellow end of wire from regulator to silver post of new 50A breaker.

Connect wire labeled GND to the negative terminal on the battery.