The CE-607 is designed to fit 2009- 2011 FLH/FLT models without an oil cooler. Starting in 2009 the single front motor mount was replaced with two side motor mounts. This allows us to eliminate the regulators tall legs giving the regulator a clean custom look. This regulator will not fit with low mount oil coolers. If you have an oil cooler see the CE-608.


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Cycle Electric Inc CE-600 series regulators are designed for use with three phase stators.To determine if you have a three phase system count the number of wires from the stator to the regulator. The three phase system will have three wires. The single phase will have two.

The CE-603 is a three phase regulator that will fit on 1984-up FLH/FLT and all FXR models. It was designed for use with the CE-61A three phase upgrade kit. It can be used with any three phase stator.

The CE-606 is designed for use 2006-2008 FLH-FLT with stock connectors.

The CE-204NB is specially tuned for use with no battery only with 22 amp stators. A battery eliminator must be used. A magneto is required for ignition.
The CE-602 is designed for use on stock 2004-05 Dyna models.
The CE-602-06 is designed for use on stock 2006-2007 Dyna models.
The CE-602-08 is designed for use on stock 2008-2016 Dyna models.
The CE-604 is designed for use with the CE-62A 38 amp three phase alternator kit. The CE-604NB is specially tuned for use with no battery only.
The CE-601 is designed for use on stock 2001-2007 Softail.
The CE-601-07 is designed for use on 2007 Softail.
The CE-601-08 is designed for use on 2007-2016 Softail.



Rectifying Regulators

The CE-445 series is designed for use on all FL models with a 38 or 48 amp alternator and is offered in four styles.
The CE-445 has threaded stud terminals to ensure reliable connections. It can be used with existing wiring or with a Cycle Electric wiring kit.
The CE-445-97 is a CE-445 regulator with a CE-437 wire kit to fit all 97 to 01FLT/FLH models.
The CE-445-02 has permeably connected wires and a mounting bracket for the stock stator plug. It fits 02-03 all FLT/FLH models.
The CE-445-04 is the same as the -02 but has a connector on the battery wire used on 04-05FLH/FLT.

The CE 200 series regulators (CE-203-CE-210) share the same internal circuitry. Each model has different wires and plugs to mate with a specific stock motorcycle. They are designed for use on 18 - 22 and amp systems. Note: (The CE-211 and CE-212 are designed for the 32 amp system used on 2007 to 2014 Sportsters.
All CE-300 series regulators (CE-320-CE-345L) share the same internal circuitry. Each model has different wires and plugs to mate with a specific stock motorcycle. They are designed for use on 32 amp systems.
The CE-204L CE-320L and CE-325L are specially tuned for hotter running batteries on Softails and customs with horse shoe oil tanks

CE-200, CE-300 CE-400 and CE-600 Series Rectifying Regulators for use with permanent magnet alternators.
A more efficient approach to rectifying regulators.
To control voltage on Harley-Davidson alternators other rectifier regulators dump current to ground. This causes maximum stator current and temperature at all times. Cycle Electric rectifying regulators block current to control voltage. This reduces stator current resulting in lower temperature and less drag on the motor which means more efficient operation. The largest and most noticeable benefit is a smoother charge to the battery. This means less battery maintenance and longer battery life.
All Cycle Electric Regulators are built to last. We start with a rugged design capable of handling overloads and continuous operation. Then we use only top quality materials and military spec. assembly processes to ensure a low failure rate and the longest service life.

Plug Cycle Electric # H.D. # Model Application
D CE-203 74512-79A 1976-1980
All FL and FX Models With Battery Only
E CE-204 74516-86 1981-1988
All FL and FX Models With Battery Only
E CE-204NB Custom For use with no battery and 22 amp stator
Battery eliminator needed
E CE-204L Softail 1984-1988
FLST&FXST With Battery in Oil Tank
H CE-205 74523-84A Late 1984-1990
All XL Models With Battery Only
H CE-206 74523-91 1991
All XL Models With Battery Only
I CE-207 74523-92A 1992-1993
All XL Models With Battery Only
J CE-208 74523-94A 1994-2003
All XL Models With Battery Only
K CE-210 74523-04 2004-2006 All XL Modles
T CE-211 74564-07 2007-2008 All XL Sportster Modles
T CE-212 . 2008 XR 1200
2009-2013 All Sportster Modles
G CE-320 74519-88 1989-1996 All FL (except fuel injection)
1989-1998 All FXR&FXD
G CE-320L Softail 1989-1999 Softail
L CE-324 74518-99A 1999-2003 All FXD Dyna
L CE-325L 74512-00 2000 FLST FXST Softail
M CE-445 74505-95 95-96 FLHYCUI, FLHTCI, FLCUI
L CE-445-97 74505-97 1997-2001 All FLTs, FLHs
N CE-445-02 74505-02 2002-2003 All FLTs, FLHs
Q CE-445-04 74505-04 2004-2005 All FLTs, FLHs
P CE-601 74540-01 2001-2006 Softail
R CE-601-07 74540-07 2007 Softail
T CE-601-08 74540-08 2008-2016 Softail
O CE-602 74631-04 2004-2005 All Dyna Models
S CE-602-06 74631-06 2006-2007 All Dyna Models
T CE-602-08 74631-08 2008-2016 All Dyna Models
P CE-603 . Replacement regulator for CE-61A Kit
P CE-604 . Replacement regulator for CE-62A Kit
P CE-604NB . For use with no battery and 38 amp three phase stator. Battery eliminator needed
T CE-606 74505-06 2006-2008 All FLTs, FLHs
T CE-607 Custom 2009-2011 FLTs, FLHs without oil cooler
T CE-608 Custom 2009-2013 FLTs, FLHs with oil cooler
T CE-608-14 Custom 2014-2016 Standard Air Cooled FLTs, FLHs,
T CE-608-15 Custom 2014-16 Wet Head (Twin Cooled) FLH, FLT

The CE-608 is designed to fit 2009-2013 FLH/FLT models with the factory oil cooler. The high mount regulator hangs from the upper cross member on the front frame down tubes. This keeps the regulator away from the hot oil cooler to ensure long service life.

Low Mount Oil Coolers

Cycle Electric Inc. does not recommend installing an oil cooler in front of any regulator. Regulators are solid-state electronic devices that produce heat. They need a flow of cooler air to dissipate this heat. As the temperature of a solid-state device is increased, the probability of failure is increased. If the regulator gets hot enough it will fail. An oil cooler placed in front of the regulator will put the heat from the motor into the regulator.  This is not a good idea.