The Ratings Game -The Importance of Low Speed Charge

Tracing down Voltage Drops

Dead Battery.  Battery not holding a charge

Diagnosing Low Charging Voltage at the Battery

Diagnosing Alternator Problems

Testing Two Brush Generators

Regulators for Generators

Installing a Two Brush Generator on 1957 and earlier motors.

Repairing Two Brush Genreators

45 Amp single phase VS 50 Amp three phase

Cycle Electric Inc. offers the following documents to help technicians track down electrical problems. In the past this section presented information in random paragraphs. In an attempt to organize it we have broken the information up into documents on different subjects. Most of them where written as articles that ran in Iron Works magazine and go into more detail on each subject. You may need to read more than one document to find what you need to know.

Technical Documents